PLEASE NOTE that the domain http://tfcat.ca/ will no longer be active as of November 2019, after which users should refer to http://cisreg.ca/tfcat/.

TFCat: The curated catalog of mouse and human transcription factors

This is the online database access portal associated with the TFCat resource and the manuscript published in

TFCat is a curated catalog of mouse and human transcription factors (TF) based on a reliable core collection of annotations obtained by expert review of the scientific literature. Annotated genes are assigned to a functional category and confidence level. For protein families linked to DNA-binding, genes are also associated with a structural classification system. In addition to the curation details, we have performed sequence-based analyses to predict additional TF encoding genes, which were not reviewed in our curation process or are not yet characterized in the scientific literature.

The TFCat gene annotation information is published on a wiki system to facilitate data review, discussion, and feedback.

You may access the TFCatWiki system in a new browser window here:

Or at the link here: http://cisreg.ca/TFCatWiki/

The TFCat transcription factor database access tool provides table-formatted viewing and a tabbed-text file download option. Click the Go To TFCat Data Extraction/Download button below to proceed with the data viewing/download function:

You may access "other" supplemental datasets used in our research at the link below. However, please note that the TFCat dataset is not available on the supplemental data page: http://www.tfcat.ca/supplemental/